HEI Initiative NOBALIS End Conference

We would like to invite you to our final conference summarizing the results from the NOBALIS project.
Since the summer of 2022 the NOBALIS project has focused on increasing the innovation capacity
within Universities in Sweden, Norway, Estonia and Latvia. The NOBALIS consortium have been
working towards developing, sharing and expanding innovation and entrepreneurship support
capacities in the areas of food production, circular economy and development of green value chains,
in line with the research areas and regional smart specializations. The project is ending in July 2024.

End Conference, Day 1 (June 11th):
11:30-12:00: Registration and coffee
12:00-12:15: Introduction and opening remarks – Finn- Arne Weltzien, Rector of Research and
Innovation, NMBU
12:15-13:00: Innovation in University context – Per Servais, Professor LNU
13:00-13:45: Entrepreneurial ecosystems in Nordic-Baltic higher education institutions – Dina
Popluga, LLU
13:45-14:15: Lunch
14:15-15:00: External speaker – Knowledge, Technology Transfer and the Third mission of
Universities – Randi Taxt, Senior Innovation Adviser, Vis Innovation
15:15-16:00: Workshop – How to implement new innovation systems in universities? – Jorun
Pedersen, CEO Ard Innovation

End Conference, Day 2 (June 12th):
08:30-09:00: Registration and coffee
09:00-10:00: Teaching innovation and entrepreneurship – Per Anders Langendahl, Senior Lecturer
in Innovation at SLU and Jan Aidemark, Docent LNU
10:15-11:00: Entrepreneurial training – Discovering different forms of collaboration and sharing
experiences from the EICD program – Paula Kägu (Baltic Innovation Agency), Dina
Popluga (Professor LLU), Anne Põder(Researcher EMU) and Elin Christine
Andersen(Ard Innovation)
11:00-11:30: Poster session – Information from each work package at the Innovation Centre –
Muris Letic, NOBALIS project manager
11:30-12:30: Lunch and networking for future collaboration.
12:30-12:45: Closing remarks – To be announced