Courses and seminars

We hold workshops and seminars on innovation for NIBIO and NMBU, the program is adapted as needed.

Workshop Innovation potential

Ard Innovation offers a half-day workshop for professional groups/consortiums/project groups where we look together at the innovation potential of the research results. Ard Innovation has various tools that we use depending on how mature the project is. We have organized a workshop both for the consortium that will report on innovation to the EU, in connection with writing applications and for projects with business cooperation. Get in touch and we will adapt a workshop to your needs.

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Course effects and effects (impact and exploitation)

The course has been developed for PhD students, but can be adapted to all academic staff. We go through how the EU divides the categories in the impact concept; communication, dissemination, exploitation. Furthermore, we look at various tools to achieve effects within the various categories. In conclusion, we go through Ard Innovation’s role in this work and how to fill in the DOFI form. Today, this course is part of VET-420, a course that all PHD students at Veterinærhøgskolen must complete.

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Webinar Commercialization applications

The course has been developed as part of a seminar series at the Research Department (FIE) at NMBU. In the course, we go through NFR’s various means of commercialization. We look specifically at the criteria and application form as of today’s date and how these calls differ from calls for pure research funds. The course contains a number of examples of innovation runs based on research.

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