Owners, mandate, and board


NIBIO’s mission is to contribute to food security, sustainable resource management, innovation, and value creation, both nationally and internationally. The institute delivers high-quality research-based knowledge and is a national leader in many disciplines. NIBIO deliver decision-making basis for management, business, and society, safeguard national professional preparedness, and contribute to the development of the circular bioeconomy.



NMBU will contribute to securing the livelihoods of the future through outstanding research, education, dissemination, and innovation. NMBU shall participate in a knowledge-based and open public debate and contribute to raising the public’s confidence in the research methods and results. NMBU has studies and research that meet the major global issues of the environment, sustainable development, better public and animal health, climate challenges, renewable energy sources, food production and land use and resource management


Mandate and objectives

The company’s activities aim to contribute to increased value creation based on research, innovation, and expertise from NMBU and NIBIO. Ard Innovation is owned 50% by NIBIO and 50% by NMBU. Ard was established in 2016 and is headquartered at Sørhellinga in Høgskoleveien 12.

The company’s main purpose is realization of research results and enabling an ecosystem for value creation at Campus Ås. Ard Innovation has the right to enter into agreements on behalf of NIBIO and NMBU. The activity is regulated in cooperation agreements with NIBIO and NMBU and in annual agreements on service purchases.
Solutions to many of today’s and future challenges can be found in the outstanding research results from NIBIO and NMBU. Together with our owners, Ard Innovation works to realize the most promising solutions. To succeed in this, we work closely with the researcher throughout the project development and commercialization process. This may take time but ensures loyalty to the process and increases the success rate. Ard Innovation’s assignments are described in the service purchase agreements with NMBU and NIBIO, and we want to develop together with our owners for a better future.

For NIBIO department Særheim and NMBU department Høyland, we at Ard Innovation have an agreement with Validé that they will act as technology transfer offices (TTO) for these departments.


Camilla Røsjø


Divisjonsdirektør, Divisjon Mat, Nofima

Per Stålnacke


Forskningsdirektør, NIBIO

Gudbrand Rødsrud


Teknologidirektør, Borregaard

Hans Christian Sundby


Økonomidirektør, NMBU

Ellen-Margrethe Hovland


FoU- og innovasjonssjef, Gartnerhallen SA

Gry Alfredsen


Seniorforsker, Skog og utmark, NIBIO

Solveig Fossum-Raunehaug


Seniorrådgiver Forskningsavdelingen, NMBU