Campus Ås

Campus Ås is Norway’s largest interdisciplinary professional environment within environmental and life sciences, and is located in Ås municipality, 30 minutes’ drive from Oslo.

Solutions for a better future

In total, Campus Ås covers an area of 6,000 acres where Nofima, the Veterinary Institute, NMBU, NIBIO are co-located. Campus Ås houses one of the country’s most beautiful parks, which surrounds the historic buildings. Ard Innovation and Aggrator Inkubator Ås are important supporters of increased innovation on Campus Ås. Together we work under a common objective; Solutions for a better future.

The ecosystem for innovation at Campus Ås

To ensure that research results and good ideas are applied in society, there are several actors who contribute.

Ard Innovation collaborates with Aggrator Incubator Ås, which further develops start-up companies that have been established as a result of research generated at NIBIO and NMBU.

Ard Innovation regularly meets the other actors on Campus Ås: Nofima, the Veterinary Institute, NMBU, NIBIO and Aggrator Incubator Ås to strengthen cooperation on innovation within a common goal; Solutions for a better future. The actors at Campus Ås work actively to develop networks towards industry and business, with particular emphasis on sustainability and social benefit.

NMBU also has several offers for students. One of these is Eik Lab, which is for student innovation and which works to increase the work relevance for students through problem solving with business and the realization of students’ ideas.


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