About us

About Ard Innovation

Ard Innovation fully owned by public institutions in Norway, where NIBIO and NMBU own 50 % each. Ard Innovation is a continuation of NMBU Technology Transfer who have been the commercialication actor of NMBU since 2014. Ard Innovation is approved as a commercialization actor at The Norwegian Research Council, and operates as the Technology Transfer Office on behalf of NIBIO and NMBU. The company assist both students and employees at these institutions with commercialization of research and student-based ideas, in addition to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in general. The company has currently 7 employees. 

Our owners

Our Board

    Board Manager
  • Christina Santos – Position at Siva
    Board Members
  • Arne Bardalen – Position at NMBU
  • Gudbrand Rødsrud – Position at Borregaard
  • Hans Christian Sundby – Position at NMBU
  • Ivar Bergland – Position at Inven2
  • Ragnhild Solheim – Position at NMBU
  • Unni Liahjell Ellingsen – Position at NIBIO

Our Vision

Ard Innovation should be the leading national environment for innovation and value creation within the scope of research institutions. 

Our values

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Competence
  • Flexibility

Where are we located?

Ard Innovation is located at The Innovation Centre Campus Ås. The centre is newly established, and their mission is to contribute by increasing the level of innovation-related activites and commercialization at Campus ås.

Line 21 from Oslo towards Moss stops in Ås, and leaves about one time per hour. The train-stop in Ås is located 15 minute away when walking

Alternatively, you could take train to Ski, and take bus 510 from there.